U s c
Second from the left, there are surprisingly few pics of her

Alt Name








/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women

Board created October 9th, 2003.


/s/-tan is depicted as a busty, attractive woman with red hair. Sometimes she has a beauty mark on her face.

She changes outfits often.


Her personality has not been developed much. She appears to exist solely to be admired by others, the "girl next door" for some board-tans.


The /u/-tan twins lust after her, but don't usually encroach.

/cgl/ is jealous of her looks, but can't find a good enough reason to outright hate her.

Went on a date with /tg/ once, but it didn't go anywhere.

Models for /fa/ sometimes, but not often enough for them to be on casual terms.

/a/ and /v/ fought over her once, but quickly lost interest because it was just another way to get at each other.

She doesn't have much interaction with the other board-tans.

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