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Alt Name

Kek[s4s]ndra (Keksandra)




11 (child), 22 (adult)


/int/ (wife)

/s4s/ - Shit 4chan Says

Board created April 1st, 2013.


[s4s]-tan is a girl with reddish-brown hair tied in two pigtails (sometimes with hairbands). She wears a Top Lel or Top Kek cap with a little propeller on it, which she claims allows her to fly (although she never has been seen flying, but it's [s4s], they can do anything! :^D). Her outfits usually consist of long dresses down to her ankles which are emblazoned with memes like dubs, kek, or whatever is currently happening on [s4s].

Often seen holding a briefcase containing an endless supply of Topkek.

Her default design is a super deformed state where her arms are looping noodles ending in hands that are always pointing to check for dubs. She's drawn more "realistically" fairly often though.

While most often seen as an eleven year old child, it is now generally accepted that [s4s] can fluidly switch between two forms: eleven year old child, and twenty-two year old adult. These forms are apparently separate, and she only experiences memories, traits and behaviors of the form that she possesses at the time.


Generally happy and hyper as well as polite and accepting, but a bit bossy towards people who are rude. Likes to spout random meme references at random times. Often creates her own new "memes" and tries to get them trending amongst the other boards with limited success.

Is notorious for stealing GETs, almost like she has a sixth sense about them. Though she does gives out fortunes, they're about as accurate as fortune cookies.

She'll cry if a pair of dubs go unchecked.

She is a very good soccer player and captains the team she plays for. Enjoys dress-up, but only if she's switching her outfit with somebody else, or encouraging other boards to try on her outfit. Very quick to meet and become friends with new boards, especially /wsr/ and /vip/. A fan of Pokemon and also a Pokemon trainer, so good that she got to be a playable character alongside Viol in Pokemon Clover

Her popularity among the other boards grew immensely late in 2016 after Hiro decided to brand her as the face of 4chan on two separate occasions.

In her adult form, she picks up on the traits of the NSFW side of the board. Because of this, her adult self is sometimes depicted as a sex addict and slut, even selling her body in exchange for memes. She has (and serves where possible) a number of fetishes, the most prominent of these being her foot fetish.


She's on pretty neutral footing with most of the other board-tans, aside from the ones that care about GETs.

One of the few people who enjoys being around /mlp/, they get along great since /mlp/ just loves the company. Isn't obsessed about the show like /mlp/, and prefers to give her pony-related memes to share.

Gets along well with /int/ and /sp/ since they all produce "dank memes". Took /int/ to the Winter Ball in 2015 and got along so well with her that they actually got hitched. Any other relation with /sp/ doesn't appear to exist, despite [s4s] being a soccer player. She may have inherited his GET-stealing ability.

After moot fucked with /pol/'s place, [s4s] helped by trashing it some more. Since then, she has frequently harassed /pol/. This grew worse after [s4s] married /int/, "permacucking" /pol/.

Rivals /c/ in cuteness, but they get along well. Enjoys playing with other boards her age. They dated each other at the Winter Ball in 2016, promising /int/ that they would remain vanilla for the course of the event due to [s4s]'s marriage.

Took /r9k/ to the Winter Ball in 2014. Was probably the last board to communicate with /r9k/ before his descent into an irredeemable spiral towards his frog obsession. [s4s] now laughs at /r9k/ and calls him a dumb frogposter whenever she sees him.

/u/ adores her and frequently ships her with /int/.

Friends with /wsr/, who helps her get sauce on memes.

/d/ occasionally likes to corrupt her adult form and inject more fetishes into her, even raping her with multiple tentacles and wearing her like a bodysuit, however she is okay with it and finds it exhilarating.

Does hang around with other child board-tans such as /vp/, as she is a Pokemon trainer, and /jp/, as they share a couple of Touhou memes (though /jp/ appears to show disdain towards her)

At least a quarter the adult boards have done it with her adult form, most of whom have done it multiple times.