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/sci/ - Science & Math

Board created: January 25th, 2010.


/sci/-tan is depicted as a thin and somewhat tall man. His neck sometimes looks a little long, he has a pointed chin and nose on an angular face, and shoulder-length hair, which is either brown or dyed grey/purple. His hair parts down the middle, but a strand always seems to be on his forehead.

/sci/ wears jeans and a labcoat with a ringer shirt underneath; he carries pens in his labcoat pocket.


He's verbose, contrarian, and has a deep desire to always be right; this often gets him into long arguments. Very good at math and constantly trying to disprove things. He's usually not wrong.


He doesn't interact much with the other board-tans, in fact he seems to dislike them since they're always joking (or in some cases not) about asking him to do their homework.

Gets a kick out of flooding /pol/ with facts and scientific articles. He'll sometimes twist them into off-color jokes to try and get /pol/ to understand only for the jokes to get twisted and repeated losing any of the analogies he tried to give them.

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