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Late teens or early 20s



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/soc/-tan is depicted as a girl who is barely legal. She's fat, ham-like, with medium length hair (color subject to dying).

She's only ever seen in her underwear and usually wearing nail polish.

Sometimes she has freckles, sometimes she doesn't.


Aside from being a total camwhore, she's completely and utterly normal. She spends her time taking questionably-angled photos of herself and asking others to rate her appearance (it's always said to be low, but no one wants to draw that). Always claims to be "totally a mess right now" since she's fishing for compliments.

Has a bitter hatred for more attractive girls but can't bring herself to insult them, resulting in passive-aggressive tendencies. Drools over attractive men who are way out of her league.


/b/'s ex girlfriend. She tries to pretend his bad mouthing of her behind her back doesn't hurt.

Gets advice from /adv/ and then ignores it.

/fa/ hates her because of how unfashionable she is, but she still tried to win his approval.

/r9k/ is terrified of her, as he is of most girls.

/d/ tries pushing her further down a path of depravity whenever the opportunity presents itself.