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Each other, /asp/ (brother)

/sp/ - Sports

Board created: April 6th, 2006, then deleted on January 9th 2007, then recreated February 19th, 2008.


Due to international differences on some sports, /sp/ is commonly depicted as a pair of identical twins, one wearing American football gear, the other wearing the-rest-of-the-world football gear.

They're usually depicted as being well built and are on the tall side. They look like typical sports jocks.

Sometimes one will have brown hair and the other will have blond hair, other times they'll both have auburn hair. Both usually wear an emblem on their uniforms with "SP" printed on it.


They're outgoing, obnoxious, and loud. Like to troll and create "memes," which they thinks are "jokes you repeat over and over until other people do too." They can get really passionate about what type of sport is being discussed. They also like watching and/or playing several sports, but also critiques them to no end. If a major sporting event has just ended, you can expect them to be busy earning their title of "KINGS OF BANTER."


They fight with each other often.

They sometimes pick on other board-tans who are smaller than them. The /vp/ twins dislike them immensely.

Considers /fit/ to be their bro since he matches their idea of what a man should at least look like.

One or both of them are bros with /tg/, they started hanging out when /sp/ got lost.

At least one of them has tried asking /cgl/ out before, they claim as a favor to /fa/. /cgl/ made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with them.

They have an intense rivalry with their other brother, /asp/, who is able to hold his own against them even when they team up on him.

They have a bond with /int/ and [s4s] over "dank memes," which they all frequently create.

Hates /gd/'s guts after that match...