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Mid 30s



/tv/ - Television & Film

Board created: April 8th, 2006.


/tv/-tan was originally depicted as a snappily-dressed man with glasses, then he was a Frenchman with a beret, now he's a middle aged man wearing a buttoned up shirt and a Bane mask.

Sometimes has a name tag pinned to his shirt with "/tv/" written on it.


He's rather insufferable. He has a creepy obsession with pre-teen actresses and their feet. He used to have the most normal hobbies of all the board-tans, now he's called a "child molester in training."

He's developed a new(er) obsession with The Dark Knight and is physically incapable of stopping himself from Bane posting.


He blames /co/ for his speech impediment saying it's "all FOR YOUr fault that I can't get rid of this shitty meme!" Everyone finds this hilarious and then tiresome, and then hilarious again.

Used to be on good terms with the female /vp/ twin.

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