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Young adult


/v/ and /vr/ (older brothers), /vp/ (niece and nephew)

/vg/ - Video Game Generals

Board created February 4th, 2012.


/vg/ looks a lot like /v/: same white palette, same round head, same kind of face (though no where near as angry looking). He usually sports a soft smile in contrast to /v/'s perpetual scowl.

He is always seen wearing a hat of some sort or another. Each of his hats represents a different general thread and whatever micro communities exist within.


Much like /v/, /vg/ is obsessed with video games. The biggest difference is that /vg/ obsesses over specific games, he obsesses over the same games to the point where the discussion of the games destroys his ability to focus on them. Because of this, he is quick to get side-tracked by things that are only vaguely related to his games. He's similar to his older brother in this regard, the core difference being he doesn't seem to realize how dysfunctional he really is.


He doesn't have much interaction with the other board-tans, he's too absorbed in his games for that.

/v/ hates him because he hates anything video game related, but mostly because /vg/ never shuts up about his specific games.

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