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Viol (left), Vanille (right)

Alt Name



Male and Female


10+Gen# (currently 17)


/v/ (father), /a/ (mother, somehow), /m/ (uncle), /vr/ (uncle), /vg/ (uncle)

/vp/ - Pokémon

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The TwinsEdit

In most Pokémon games, someone asks if you're a boy or a girl when you start a new game, so /vp/-tan is represented by a pair of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. They both have green eyes and age one year (in addition to 10, the age of the protagonist of most games) for each generation of Pokémon games.

They are often seen playing GB/GBA/DS/3DS together, battling with their Pokémon (all of which are named "DlCKS"). They refuse to go anywhere by plane unless they've traveled there on foot first, as a result they are never too far from home and the other board-tans. Both know a bit more about Pokémon genitalia than what is appropriate for kids their age.

They share Tentaquil, whose only move seems to be "puke blood" and seem to think that killing wild animals will get them money. They DO find oddly valuable items while walking around or 'digging in the underground' though, notably solid gold nuggets.


He wears blue jeans and a red jacket that partially covers a shirt with "/vp/" written on it; his hair resembles that of Gary "DICKS" Oak, though it is usually covered by a cap resembling the one Red from the games wears, albeit with the 4chan logo on it.

He's a closet furry who also embodies competitive Pokémon battling; holds Smogon in high regards. Will claim he knows as much as he does about Pokémon genitalia to ensure proper Pokémon breeding so he can get Pokémon with perfect IVs.


She strongly resembles May from the Hoenn games, but also has traits from the other female protagonists mixed in. Has goggles on top of her head that she rarely, if ever, wears over her eyes, as well as a purple scarf and shorts. Sometimes wears a nametag that says "Hi! My name is: /vp/" on her shirt.

She's much more open about her furry fetish and plays Pokémon for the fun of it, idolizing Karen. Will tell the truth when asked why she knows as much as he does about Pokémon genitalia.


/a/ and /v/ kicked them out when they were 10 telling them to "go on a journey" so they did. Their parents generally don't give a crap about them and they don't seem to notice or care.

They dislike /b/ for the many Pokémon memes he's shat out over the years.

/vr/ will play with them, but only when it's the first two generations.

They maintain a child-like innocence of guns and remain unafraid of /k/'s antics.

/x/ can easily scare them when ghost or dark-type Pokémon are involved.

Viol sees /tg/ as a rival and Vanille has something of a crush on him.

They think /cm/ is a Pokémon or a Pokémon trainer and will try and catch him or battle him whenever their eyes meet.

They're usually seen playing with the other child board-tans.