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Late 20s


/v/ and /vg/ (younger brothers), /vp/ (niece and nephew), /jp/ (niece)

/vr/ - Retro Games

Board created March 18th, 2013.


/vr/'s board-tan has brown hair which is styled as a mullet-pompadour combo, he also has a goatee or at least chin stubble most of the time. He wears a pair of 3D glasses and a power glove (neither of which he ever removes), a flannel jacket over a t-shirt, and stripped shorts or blue jeans. He sometimes has a patch sown into his jacket with "/vr/" printed on it when the space on his t-shit is occupied by a game company logo.


He's friendly, cheerful, relaxed, and overall completely chill; the exact opposite of /v/. He exclusively plays retro games (anything made before the year 2000) and owns a huge collection of retro consoles, games, accessories and memorabilia. His personality is largely composed of mashed together 80s or 90s stereotypes, particularly its most commercialized (and videogame-related) facets. He doesn't seem to hate or even dislike anything, although he does reject more modern technological innovations. He has no problems with emulations though.

He's quick to pick up on how silly some of the things the industry does are.


He's styled as /v/'s long lost older brother stuck in an age gone by, and /v/ hates him dearly. /vr/ goes out of his way to play video games with his little bro, trying to get him to relax and enjoy himself with little to no success, though he doesn't seem to notice. He has little to no interaction with /vg/ or /vp/ (aside from the first generation games).

He's good friends with /co/ as they share a love (or at least nostalgia) for all things 90s.

He'll sometimes play older editions of tabletop games with /tg/.

He's also one of the few people /jp/ doesn't show contempt towards.