W wg
On the left

Alt Name





Late teens


/wg/ (Older brother)

/w/ - Anime/Wallpapers

Board created October 6th, 2003.


/w/-tan, in her few depictions, is represented by a girl in her late teens with either blond or light green hair who is almost always wearing a large pair of headphones.


She is peppy, youthful, and sharing. She spends most of her time focusing on making elaborate, beautiful depictions of her favorite anime. In fact, she watches a lot of anime.

She's never 100% satisfied with her work.


She works with her brother (or is he?), /wg/. Though he thinks of her as childish, they get along well enough.

Watches anime with /a/ and /hr/ (oddly never with both at the same time).

Occasionally helps /jp/.

She doesn't socialize much aside from that.

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