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/wsg/ with his business card

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/wsg/ - Worksafe GIF

Board created: June 5th, 2012.


/wsg/'s appearance is that of a young, hip office worker. Professional but fun. His color scheme is reminiscent of DUANE!, the incredibly based white boy dancer from an old, now legendary, dance video. He has swept back blond hair, side burns, and a bit of stubble. He doesn't strictly stick to the office dress code when it comes to staying clean shaven, but it's okay.

He has strong black eyebrows, wears thick glasses, has a tie that reads "To Be Continued" in a reference to his favorite video meme, wears a smart watch with a custom pink and blue cyberpunk clockface loaded, and dresses in reasonable business casual clothes. A blue collared shirt with sleeves rolled up, black pants, a /wsg/ branded belt, and snazzy shoes.

He can sometimes be seen with his pet, the musical spirit dog Gabe (rip pupper ;_;7).


/wsg/ is a hard working young man with a professional attitude and a taste for comfy. He appreciates his office job enough to avoid jeopardizing it by browsing any risky red boards. But he's chill enough to spend his free time watching webms of people dancing, birds speaking Japanese, K-pop stars being cute, and fresh OC video memes from his fellow office workers.

Wsg-tan DUANE

His full outfit, his sweet dance moves, and his angelic pup.

He's a proficient dancer, has a huge folder of electronic music mp3s that he does not know the names of, fluent in the use of pirated copies of every modern video editing software, and is happy to teach you how to use ffmpeg.

He has an extremely short attention span and generally has trouble paying attention to anything longer than 30 to 45 seconds. But his chaotic energy allows him to absorb all manner of culture. Through this, he's able to relate at least somewhat to most of his fellow blue boards. After work he likes to go home and relax to comfy music, rainy videos, ASMR, and Adult Swim.

He's always working for the weekend.


He is related to /gif/ and /wsr/. Still pretty new, no solid friendships yet, although he is compatible with many boards.