Wsr spoons

Alt Name

Wasuri/Wasure, Spoon-chan






/r/ (brother?)

/wsr/ - Worksafe Requests

Board created: December 20, 2015.

Notable for being the fourth image board created during Hiro's ownership of 4chan.


/wsr/-tan is a young girl who somewhat resembles Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou Project. Her outfit consists of a large black witch's hat with a white ribbon tied around it, a black dress with a white ribbon around the waist, a green undershirt, and black shoes. She may sometimes wear green stockings. She has mint green hair and similarly colored eyes.

She is sometimes shown with a giant spoon, a spoon-shaped broomstick, or a bucket of sauce, so that she can spoonfeed the newfags.


Her behavior differs depending on the job she has to fulfill. When given a ridiculously simple task, /wsr/-tan gets grouchy and might beat the requester with her spoon and tell him/her to lurk moar, search the catalog, or to stop being retarded. However, when given a difficult task, /wsr/-tan will happily search far and wide to find all the sauce the requester needs. Can be mischievous at times if the opportunity allows it.

Sometimes appears to regret her job, while other times she appreciates it.


So far, /wsr/-tan hasn't had much interaction with the rest of 4chan, other than to find things for them.

[s4s] immediately became her friend when she arrived at the 4chan house. However, /wsr/ hardly has the time to play with her, not that she really wants to.