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/x/philes, Ro/x/ane







/x/ - Paranormal (formerly General Photo, once upon a time ago)

Board created (with current theme): February 15th, 2007.


/x/-tan is depicted as a weirdly attractive girl who is somewhat short. She has long, black, loosely curled hair which usually covers her left eye, which is completely black with a red pupil.

She wears a black tank-top with a skull on it and rainbow-colored socks. Seldom, if ever, wears pants. Her panties are usually black. Sometimes she'll wear a long shirt or a dress in the same style as her tank-top.


/x/ is shy, quiet, intelligent, creative, and paranoid, sometimes to the point of insanity. She sometimes knows more about the way the world works than she lets on, maybe even more than most people. She also loves to read, some of her favorite books include the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series and House of Leaves. Also has an almost obsessive interest in the Cthulhu mythos and Slender Man phenomenon.

She sometimes experiments in witchcraft and has a lot of magical potential, but she's too afraid of it to use it.

She used to have an interest in photography, but became more and more interested in the tabloids. This fueled her paranoid and eventually some of her mental problems came to light because of it. She's now deeply interested in all things paranormal and has been looking into conspiracies.


Like most boards, /b/ has had a destructive influence on her. She sees /b/ as a skin walker and fears him accordingly.

After /b/ trashed her place, /tg/ offered to let her stay with him and they started dating for a while. They broke up eventually, /x/ claiming /tg/ was too controlling, /tg/ claiming /x/ had changed. They still sometimes get back together, but they just can't seem to make it stick.

/x/ thinks /d/ is a succubus, she'd be right if /d/ weren't so much more than that. /d/ has frequently engaged in sexual activities with /x/, as she does with most of the other board-tans. She sometimes tries to get /x/ back together with /tg/ with mixed results. /x/ has learned many ways of negating /d/'s powers over the years.

Best friends with /y/ since she took him in when /b/ was raiding his place.

Has heated debates with /sci/.

Tried dating /mu/ once, it ended badly when they trashed /trv/'s house while he was away. Might also have a history with /k/, but nothing solid.

She and /pol/ don't get along, each thinking the other is crazy or brainwashed as part of a conspiracy.

Does not like it when /mlp/ tries to steal her socks.

Swaps spooky innawoods/war stories and discusses best methods of killing skinwalkers, fleshgaits, etc with /k/