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Alt Name





Late 20s


/cm/ (younger brother)

/y/ - Yaoi

Board created: October 6th, 2004.


/y/-tan is depicted as a man in his 20s with shoulder-length blond hair who usually wears white gloves, a police cap with "/y/" on the front with the male symbol (♂) above it, earrings, and his leather "♂" costume. The circle part of his costume shows off his chest and the arrow part covers his dick, which becomes exposed when erect since it pushes the arrow aside; he is frequently erect. His ass is almost always bare.

His muscles are pretty well-sculpted too.


Openly and flauntingly homosexual. An over-excited loose cannon, but often ends up disappointed. Has a very well-developed gaydar which helps him butt into situations relevant to his interest. Generally does not respect others' privacy or personal space. Primarily concerned with sex and doesn't even know which anime the characters he faps to are from. He's not interested in any kind of long-term relationship and likes to experiment, either with costumes or various fetishes. Is able to pass as a top or a bottom since he's capable of suppressing his forceful personality. Very judgmental.

He makes a conscious effort to be attractive and is a superstar at the gay bar.


His interactions with other board-tans are mainly based around sexual situations: /y/-tan frequently shows up, dick in hand, whenever things get too gay.

Constantly hits on /b/ to prove that /b/ is a faggot.

Visits /v/ frequently, insisting /v/ is full of the gay. Possibly watches through the window as /v/ and /a/ have angry man-on-trap sex.

Shares many of /cm/'s (his little brother) interests, but is annoyed by his focus on non-sexual aspects and /cm/'s inability to pick up on them.

Does not care much for bara content, but is on amicable terms with /hm/ who might also be his brother.

Has an on-and-off rivalry with /u/.

Friendly with /co/ since /co/ can admit to being full on gay for things.

Is best friends with /x/, who took /y/ in when /b/ was raiding.