Taking on Bombastic all at once

A group of villains under CEO Slick's command and enemies of Bombastic.

Created June 28th, 2015.


Somehow, through some means, CEO Slick was able to acquire Bombastic's first containment suit. When Slick's oil entered the suit, it mixed with residue left behind inside of it resulting in new beings like Slick being created. Slick promptly capitalized on this by having his people reverse engineer the suit and create new ones for his "children" so they could go and capture Bombastic, allowing Slick to build an army of loyal minions.


  • 1435630303511
    Putty, AKA Yumma K. Maicomb - Her body is made out of a highly malleable substance. She's flexible, hates to be around Glaciate, able to adapt to her surroundings, efficiently the team leader due to her ability to spread herself thin over multiple tasks at once. The front part of her suit is able to completely open, allowing her to spread herself freely. Likes to entertain herself by attending the opera every now and then.
  • 1435633828021
    Viscid, AKA Elmer C. Mann - His body is made of a sticky glue like substance. Holds the team together, tends to get fixated on a certain member and sticks to them like glue. The hands of his suit have nozzles to let him shoot his glue-like substance. Enjoys a fine glass of brandy by his bedside manor.
  • 1435636647677
    Vitrolic, AKA Max T. Bate - His body is made of a powerful acid. A very grading personality that makes it hurt to be around him. The only team member that Viscid doesn't like to be around. His suit is more heavily armored and only opens at the face plate to let him shoot his acid. Likes to write horror-mystery novels.
  • 1435695365949
    Glaciate, AKA Charles U. Mann - His body is made of a substance that freezes on contact. Acts very cold to everyone else, rigid, very isolated and distant from others. His suit has nozzles on the bottom of its feet to let him freeze the ground around him to sake across it at high speed. He's also a chef, his skill level is unknown.

They are able to merge together in one large super being with Slick forming the head, but this is a terrible idea on everyone involved's part as they do not mix well. This has also lead to them coming into open and legal conflict with Full Body Beat Down as they feel their gimmick is being ripped off. So far Slick's lawyers have been thoroughly suppressing them.

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