Real Name

Jack Ulysses Nate




Independent, The /co/axials (alternate universe version)







Made in a February, 2014 thread with the prompt "A guy made out of an incredibly explosive jelly. He wears a suit that has holes that pop up where the jelly comes out". It took a vote two threads later to determine his name.


Jack Ulysses Nate was once a human, but some horrible twist of fate had him transformed into a being made out of pure explosive jelly. After spending some time endlessly exploding, he was contained in some kind of suit that prevents him from exploding.

At first the suit was rather large and intimidating looking, over time he managed to gradually get a more human looking suit which is doing wonders for his psyche.


His entire body is made out of highly explosive jelly, but it only explodes when it makes contact with matter other than itself or the suit it's contained in. It's like a grenade in liquid form.

The suit contains multiple holes that open and close whenever he wants them to, it has holes on his palms, shoulders, his torso, knees, and elbows, and bottom of his feet.

He learned how to control the jelly's explosive properties but can only do so while it's still connected to him, this allows him to use it for both close range and long range combat.


CEO Slick somehow managed to obtain Bombastic's original suit and from it created a squad of loyal minions, all wearing suits similar to Bombastic's. The Bomb-Squad now hunt Bombastic down so they can capture him in order for Slick to use whatever Bombastic is made of to create an army of loyal minions for himself.

Needless to say, Bombastic isn't going to stand for this and hasn't let them take him down once yet.


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