A /co/llaboration featuring the post-apocalyptic adventures of the overly-endowed super soldier Briana and her friends. They crusade across the wastelands doing battle with the forces of Empress Plana and her DFC army, fighting to ensure a future for freedom and hefty bosoms.

The original thread was started on March 10th, 2014 as a parody in response to media stigmatizing big breasts on display for comic-con. Over 100 pieces of art from various artists as well as several short stories and a finished 32 page comic book script (with a few finished pages) can be ascribed to the project upon last edit of this page, and more is being added with each new thread. Threads are usually bi-weekly.

The world of BreastQuestEdit

The history of BreastQuest (or BQuest for short) follows our own history up until the future date of 2100ish. Around this time, a group espousing the superiority of flat chests over fat chests (the DFC group) comes to power. During this era, an unknown calamity strikes the earth, obliterating huge portions of civilization and reducing the majority of the earth to Mad Max levels of technology. The only area in the story to retain any semblance of technology was the DFC megacity, a bastion of the pre-calamity DFC ideology which has now been warped into a quasi-religious movement, complete with propaganda and a ruling family to ensure its continuation.

This city-state, the DFC empire, continues the crusade against large busts with forceful kidnappings and chemical reduction of busty women, terrorizing the wasteland. The wasteland itself is rife with roving gangs of bandits, genetically engineered beasts, and bounty hunters looking to cash in on bounties placed on large chested women.

Through all this, a rogue scientist (once a DFC geneticist), deserts his post after witnessing the DFC's atrocities and commences growing an army of genetically engineered super soldier to combat the DFC army, giving each of them bountiful bosoms to spite the DFC. His lab is discovered and attacked, with himself being killed. Only one soldier remained unscathed, Briana. The story begins here.

Main CharactersEdit



The world of BreastQuest

These locations will also detail any important characters native to those specific locations:

  • DFC Megacity
  • The Pit
  • Los Lesbos
  • The Rebel Fortress
  • The Archives
  • Carnival City
  • The Labyrinth
  • The Warrens and Selenite City
  • Deadlands Swamp

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