CEO Slick
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CEO Slick


PresagiOil Corporation, Bomb-Squad




Oil, Male

Archenemy of the aquatic coalition and all around threat to the environment and the world at large.


Millions of years ago an entity became trapped under what would become the ocean floor. As time went on its body decomposed and turned into a large quantity of oil, but the creature's self awareness and mind never deteriorated. Eventually it was released by illegal oil drilling and, after facing unexpected resistance from aquatic based supers, ended up fusing with/possessing the amoral oil tycoon leading the operation.

Now in control of the vast resources of PresigiOil Corp, Slick has set out to transform the world into something more befitting of his stature using the tycoon as a Lex Luthor millionaire supervillain. It can also leave the human body to become a disgusting super-menace on its own. The original personality of the oil tycoon did not die, however, and he fights an ongoing battle of wills with the oil creature using his own avarice and lust for money to overcome the creature's desire to destroy the world. Learning that his accident was planned did not help his mental well being.

Aside from his ongoing war against the Aqua Coalition, he has many side projects, among them are the Bomb-Squad. Some "children" he made by accident when he was inspecting a recent accusation, Bombastic's old suit, and his oil unexpectedly mixed and mutated with the residue still inside the suit. Now he has his new minions tasked with capturing Bombastic so Slick can make an army of super powered loyal minions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a creature composed of living oil, Slick has a multitude of powers and abilities. Among these he can shapeshift into a larger, more monstrous form, fire pressurized oil from his body, alter the viscosity of oils making them thicker and harder hitting, create oil constructs and more.

As the CEO of one of the planet's largest oil corporations, Slick has access to a nearly inexhaustible supply of money and manpower.