Real Name





Justice Coalition






Early/mid 20s

Created during a series of threads in August, 2013, that eventually evolved into the aquatic branch of the Justice Coalition.


Caliber is a surfer from Hawaii who was getting mixed up with the League of Evil Surfers when Diving Belle found her and the two started kicking butt together. They really hit it off and ended up taking down the League of Evil Surfers together. Afterwards, Caliber started bumming around the ocean with Belle fighting baddies wherever they found them. They worked their way further west until they were all the way on the other side of the ocean around the Great Barrier Reef where they meet Reef and decide to help him out with his sharktopus problem. This goes on until Spearhead catches up with them and gets their teamwork in good enough order for them to finally win.

Caliber likes the idea of being in a team with Belle and decides to head back to the Sates with her and her grandad to see if she could also join the Justice Coalition. After meeting Jellybro and Leviathan (two other would be supers Spearhead had encountered during his voyage) and hearing the horror stories that are Liberty Lass' coalition training methods from Belle, Spearhead eventually agrees to mentor the team and the Justice Coalition (of Super Friends) is formed.


She gets along well with Belle and generally enjoys her (and Bloop's) company, she tends to fight a lot with Reef over who would win in a fight (they both agree that Levi is the strongest though) but they get along well enough. Her interactions with Jellybro leave her as confused as anyone else trying to talk to him and she's also trying her best to get Levi acclimated to human society.


Caliber is built like a tank and has at least a mild form of super strength, she also obtained a hypersonic surfboard from the League of Evil Surfers.


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