Captain Nascar

Real Name



Captain Nascar


Sageworthy Society






Hired muscle, transportation

An asset member of the Sageworthy Society, he's their go to guy for getting places.


He was once just a die hard Nascar fan who built his own racing cars for a backwoods racing circuit. The kind of death circuit where the cars are all tricked out with saws, guns, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Like redneck/hillbilly James Bond cars.

He can only turn left. If he has to turn right, he just turns left until he faces the direction he wants to go. This encompasses all things, including fights, driving, and even sitting down in a chair that spins. This is caused by a number of cars being dropped on his head over the years while working on them.

One day, some upstart guy from the city shows up and trashes his circuit with a better car, Captain Nascar didn't take kindly to this and beat the crap out of the new guy, steals his car, and then takes it apart to figure out why it runs better.

As it turns out, the car had some kind of super SCIENCE crap in it which did strange things to Captain Nascar, things that were never explained... or maybe he just doesn't care. After upgrading the car he took it for a test spin in the city, garnering attention from some key onlookers until the cops arrived. The guy he carjacked called it so now Captain Nascar is a wanted man. Fortunately though, a representative of the Sageworthy Society witnessed the destruction Captain Nascar caused and offered him a position in the organization with promises of flashier parts and being able to make the whole world his racing circuit.

When Blue Shift started working the streets, capturing Captain Nascar became one of his top priorities as his car literally tears up the road wherever it goes. Rather than a mileage, the dashboard shows "PUBLIC PROPERTY DAMAGE:"


Captain Nascar has spent years building cars, he's able to build a car in under an hour if he has the parts on hand. He's also become super humanly strong with all this building he does.

It's unknown if he gained any powers from whatever was in that fancy city boy's car.


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