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4 to 6 years older than /co/lette


/co/lette (sister), Mercedes (aunt)

/co/lette's older sister. She was created for the Amazing /co/ventures series and her name was inspired either by the poem "Casey at the Bat" or by a player with the same name since she likes to use a baseball bat.


Her design is meant to be a combination of "cool heroic hero things". She originally had long black hair, but it turned white for some reason later on in her life and she keeps it short now.

Casey seems to use her hair to hide a burn scar across her right eye, it is unknown how she got the scar, but the most likely answer is that she lost an Agni Kai against the Fire Lord. The scar was added to her design on a whim during the rough draft phase since the sketchy art made it seem as if she had a scar.


/co/lette and Casey came to be in their aunt's care at a young age, it is unknown what happened to their parents but they are assumed dead. /co/lette idolizes her older sister and has as much hero worship for her as she does for the Justice /co/mrades, and for good reason since Casey once saved her from the clutches of Squid Pro Quo.

Casey steps up to bat

May or may not be canon to Amazing /co/ventures

At the beginning of the Amazing /co/ventures issue one, /co/lette is seen encouraging her sister to try out for the the Justice /co/mrades' open application. Although she submitted an application to humor /co/lette, she shortly after fell victim to some horrific accident. Her current status in The Amazing /co/ventures is unknown.

She also has a role planned for Captivating /co/ventures, but it has yet to be revealed as the project has stalled.

Cosmic ContainmentEdit


Evilverse Casey

The older sister of Evilette and the chief commander of her universe's version of /co/ntainment. It is unknown how long she has been a member of this version of /co/ntainment or how she assumed leadership of it.

This version of Casey took on a girly-girl persona in her youth in an attempt to dissuade her sister from aspiring to become a superhero, it backfired spectacularly as her sister couldn't stand it and left to join the Junior League of superheroes as soon as she could.

After the elder god invasion, things became increasingly hectic for her. She mainly works in the shadows leaving agent Dead Winters (the Evilverse version of Springtime) as the public face of the organization.

Evilette remains unaware of any of her sister's activities, still believing that she is a girly-girl or dead to present day.