Centered between his catgirl burgles, The Cat's Pajamas

A criminal organization lead by The Cat's Pajamas, they are the primary antagonists of Bees Knees.

They were created August 18th, 2010 in the same thread as Bees Knees.


It is unknown how long they've been in business, if they are just normal street gang, or an organized syndicate that partakes in larger heists and operations. They have a cat theme due to the boss being a werecat and are all cool cat's up to some sneaky bad business.

Bees Knees' recent involvement in the turf war between the gangs and the cops in New Copia City is threatening to expose their operations since the presence of a super-mutant in the mix makes cat people less likely to be a figment of some tired security guard's imagination.

It is unknown what criminal activities they specialize in or if they had any involvement in the laser that caused the mutation outbreak. They might all also have been mutated by the laser.


Every member of the group has both a cat theme and a decade of the 1900s they style their costumes from. Names are derived from cat based slang or sayings from their assigned decades.

The Cat's PajamasEdit

Leader of Cat's Cradle, a big werecat in a bathrobe who invites Bees Knees to have Chinese food and introduces himself as the series' super-villain. He later adopts a 1940s theme along with a zoot suit and shoulder pads. It is assumed he also got mutated into a fatcat man by the same giant laser light that mutated Bees Knees. He can transform into a large cat at will, but likes to remain in a form somewhere in between.

Hip CatEdit

She has a 1960s theme and wears a teal mod dress and hat with cat ears along with gogo boots. She serves as the getaway driver and is the world's best hula hooper, she can hula hoop so fast she can fly. She likes to toy with Bees Knees' emotions.

The Cat's MeowEdit

An Asian girl with a 1920s theme who wears a purple flapper dress and brass knuckles. She styles her hair to look like cat ears and is known to have a pet cat. She gained the ability to talk to and control cats after accidentally eating some radioactive cat food. Also has retractable claws. She once had romantic interest in Bees Knees, but that was before she got powers.

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