Chicken Divine
Chicken divine2

Real Name



Chicken Divine


Independent, Vixen Six





Created during this January 2014 thread.


Chicken Divine is a Brazilian Cat Burglar who preys on high-end merchandise in hard to reach locations. She has the eternally oiled body of a carnivale dancer and an outlandish accent that is so thick, most Americans can't understand what she says.

She's clashed with Carnevalor more than once with on lookers thinking their fights are some sort of street performance. She's Vixen Six's first choice when they need a sixth member for a heist, she also substitutes on their bowling team.


Chicken Divine's masquerade helmet has a few nifty built in features, such as:

  • Constant Night Vision: If the lights are turned on when she is wearing it, it will cause her to "crow" out in pain.

That's it for nifty features.

Ms. Divine's Scrabble Gauntlets contain a few noteworthy attachments, such as:

  • Thief tools
  • Retractable claws
  • Body oil/glitter repository.

Her natural inborn talents are as follows:

  • A loud screeching ruckus when startled/frightened that causes dizziness and mild nausea.
  • Almost flight: She can "scrabble" into the air about 10 feet.
  • Flee: An innate ability to run at approx 30 mph, in a random direction, regardless of blockage.
  • Head Relocation: If her head is somehow removed, her body will initiate "Flee", and return at a later date to retrieve it's head. She's a dullahan.


Chicken Divine was "borrowed" – with /coc/'s permission – for a small crossover with Supermoms. In the Star-Striker #2 issue (you can find a download link for the script on the Supermoms page), Chicken Divine matches wits with Supermoms members Star-Striker and Sig Rune and their ally Codex.


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