Clockwork Prophet
CO Chibis series 2 (Clockwork Prophet)2

Real Name



Clockwork Prophet


Machine Cult







Created as an arch enemy for Mighty Mantis, he found enough popularity on /co/ to merit more doodles and the backstory of him being revealed. He eventually evolved into one of the bigger big bads of the /co/verse.


Leader of the Machine Cult and one of Lovely Ladybug and the Justice Coalition's enemies. He's a technological shapeshifter, but despite his incredible powers he's less a physical threat than an incredibly clever and charismatic schemer.

The Machine Cult is a collection of trans-humanists who consider the merging of flesh and metal sacred. In the short term, the Cult serves basically as the prosthetic black market- if you know where to find them, they'll gladly refit you with all the robo-parts you can buy, though their services don't usually come cheap. But if they take an interest in you or what you do, well, maybe they'll give you a discount, or even fix you up free of charge... monetary charge, anyway. When you take a favor from the cult, things tend to work out in the cult's favor.

During the Cold War era they outfitted the Recluse along with the rest of the KGBeasts with their cybernetic enhancements, after the war ended, it is unknown how active they were until a gang leader going by Indra Thunder, who has at least two subordinates enhanced by them, surfaced in the city that Motion was currently watching over.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Technological shapeshifting, Prophet can alter and transform his mechanical body into various forms and weapons. His clothing is self repairing so that he doesn't need to worry about destroying his favorite suit when he transforms.

He can also take control of any member of his cult if the need arises.


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