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So we've got bitter, jaded, legless asian with an athletic build who dons fake tits and robot legs to fight crime.

Created on June 9th, 2011.


Amami was an athlete, probably a marathon runner or a martial artist, who became jaded because she could never reach the fame of her more beautiful friends, and a lot of boys were even afraid of her and what she could do. Then an accident happened and she lost her legs, suddenly making her unable to do even what she most enjoyed. But a scientist, either a friend of her family or a close friend of hers, offered to put her as "test driver" for a prototype new exoskeleton. During the first test run she ended up saving the lab from a bunch of terrorists who wanted the prototype to help arm their army, and so she became a hero.

She wears fake breasts because she still has some image issues.

Betty Volare serves as a reluctant secret mentor to Cobalt, after a while she warms up to her and finally reveals who she is... and it turns out Cobalt is a big fan of hers since she was always inspired by Betty's desire to go beyond, to fly further and faster than anyone else, and that rekindles the flame of adventure into Betty's half-human heart.


The exoskeleton gives her the power to walk again with fake legs, but also enhances her strength and durability. Later on Betty, with the help of an inventor pal, builds a new suit for Cobalt that lets her fly for short periods of time and is overall much better than just her legs. By the end of a week she's doing loop-de-loops and drawing shapes in the sky. Her grandfather owns a junkyard, which is where she gets all her material from.


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