Diego Armendez

Real Name

Diego Armendez


Probably many


Los Palos Mob


Not too evil



Leader of the Los Palos Mob and arch-nemesis of Lovely Ladybug. He appears in most issues of The Lovely Ladybug.

Surprisingly nice and polite.


Nothing is known about his early life or why he became a criminal, but his life of crime has gotten him a big mansion and more money than he knows what to do with... as well as being bored out of his mind. When Lovely Ladybug first started heroing in Los Palos he treated her like any other rival and shot at her without any hesitation, only for his bullets to bounce off her forcefield and cause several steal beams to fall on top of him. Fortunately, Ladybug managed to get to him in time and put up a large enough forcefield to protect them both, unfortunately, this left them stuck under the beams since Ladybug could only hold them in place. This gave Diego time to get a better first impression of Ladybug, finding her world views charmingly naive while waiting for his guys to show up and get them out.

After meeting Ladybug, Diego took a special interest in her, helping her in odd ways to make her better at heroing. At first he was slightly embarrassed that such a rookie was his nemesis, he took time to supply her with weights, basic combat training, and witty jargon coaching just so he'd feel better about fighting her on a weekly basis. His associates, however, are not so keen on her presence in Los Palos since she's still ruining their operations seemingly by accident. They describe Diego's interest in her as the most expensive game of cops and robbers ever devised, but Diego keeps them in check by reminded them of a much more sinister power pulling the strings of all their operations.

His Evilverse counterpart is a rebel leader in Mighty Goliath's city-state, taking any opportunity he can to deface or discredit him as a leader.


Diego is very charismatic and sociable, he treats his men better than most of the other bosses in the city. When not engaging in criminal activity he enjoys working out, lounging at his mansion, going to clubs with beautiful women on each arm, and has a standing Christmas truce with Ladybug where he and his men help out at soup kitchens.


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