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A not safe for work anthology comic written by Jinmen and drawn by F-ing with occasional guest artists.


Originally the series was called Star Seed (to capitalize on the /ss/ nature of the stories), but later renamed when it came to light that another porn webcomic had already been using that name for several years prior.


Issue 1 - Released June 26th, 2015

Spooky Like You
The Colonists: Star Seed
The Colonists: In Every Space Ship a Heartache

Issue 2 - Released February 1st, 2016

The Colonists 2
Pin Ups: Featuring art by F-ing, Haich, Glub, and Mister D
Sandra and Lucas
The Colonists: Aysun’s Fantasy

DH PresentsEdit

Mini comics released between issues.

Susan's Birthday - Released June 1st, 2016
Will has prepared a special birthday present for her mother, Susan. Characters from the series W.I.T.C.H.
Body Shots - Released June 23rd, 2016
Part of The Colonists series.
Breakfast in Bed - Released July 5th, 2016
A son and daughter giving their loving mother a nice breakfast in bed.
The Captain's Dream - Released October 1st, 2016
Part of The Colonists series, drawn by M. Magdalene.


The ColonistsEdit

Aysun Lang and her son, Elias Lang, arrive on the planet Ukora as part of its colonization.

  • Star Seed- Aysun and Elias Lang are a mother and son going on a long trek to a new home planet. Aysun decides to wake her boy up before the rest of the crew so they can get some quality time. Get it here.
  • A New Year's Comic - A New Year's special mini showing off some of the characters we've seen and ones to come in The Colonists. See it here.
  • In Every Space Ship a Heartache - Ship engineer Rosa Conchita recollects her days on earth and a daring fling, before having to head off to space.
  • The Colonists 2 - The crew of the Seed Ship are up and at ‘em as Elias Lang does a little exploration of the ship with the help of curvy Chief Engineer Rosa Conchita, as the two of them discover a secret about their Captain, Naoko Kawamori.
  • Aysun’s Fantasy - Aysun Lang decides to while away the hours by writing her own story of fantasy and fun.
  • Body Shots - Some of the neighbor boys help Aysun celebrate her birthday.
  • The Captain's Dream - A little look inside the wandering mind of the Seed Ship's own Captain Kawamori.

One ShotsEdit

  • Spooky Like You - A lonely werewolf gets some kicks from his favorite punk rocker, Lucy Hearst. But Lucy is hungry for more than just love...
  • Sandra and Lucas - The story of the orphan Lucas “bonding” with his aunt Sandra.

External LinksEdit

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