Doctor Science

Real Name

Snadien M. Science


Professor Dr. Science Phd., Doctor Science


Sageworthy Society






Every team of supervillains needs a smart guy to make shit happen.

An asset member of the Sageworthy Society, their go to mad scientist.


A genius in all fields scientific, Doctor Science is a notorious villain whose schemes reach all corners of the globe and throughout time. These schemes are most often thwarted by the actions of The Atomic Esquire and his allies.

Doctor Science has mastered all fields of science, and is easily capable of manipulating machinery, genetics, or even the fabric of time. Of all his devices, his favorite weapon is his Chemical Gun, which uses the rapid combustion of propellants to increase the kinetic energy of small bits of metal, enough kinetic energy to cause deadly damage to his foes. He has been known to have made at least two clones of Atomic Esquire, Nuclear Knight and Atomic eXtreme in his attempts to destroy him.

Doctor Science was last seen in the company of members of the Sageworthy Society, although it is still possible his future self has already died millions of years in the past.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Genius level intellect, adept in all fields of scientific study. Vast array of super-science weapons and armaments.

His ability to travel into the past is hindered by a recursion of time which keeps repeating the year Stricker16 and Thunder Struck died during.


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