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Edge was introduced to /co/ntainment's ranks on October 8th, 2013, thus establishing the idea of G-Squad.


As a member of /co/ntainment, all personal information (time before joining, real name, date of birth, etc.) is kept secret since revealing any of them count as death flags in her line of work.

She was personally recruited by Director Muttonchops.

Some sumbitches always trying to slip and slide on the asphalt.
"I like the cut of her jib, stick her in G-Squad."
"G-Squad sir? But they're mainly a support squad, they don't really see a lot of combat."
"A bunch of lazy bastards, eh. Well we'll see about that, I want G-Squad to take point on the next field mission."
"But director they're all medics and scientists, they have little to no combat experience."
"What are you babbling about? They have a seasoned combat specialist on their squad, they'll be fine."

He didn't know just how well she'd fit in with G-Squad thanks to her special abilities.

She gets along extremely well with the division head, Agent Nerd, to the point where she'll flirt and spend time with him off the clock. It's unknown how aware of the curse she is.

Her codename, Edge, was given to her because she's always on edge due to the incompetence or lack of combat experience most of G-Squad has, leading her to be the one to save everyone's asses over and over again.

Abilities and skillsEdit

She is one of the few members of the organization who possesses an actual superhuman ability: Immunity. She cannot be turned, as in bites from vampires, werewolfs, zombies etc. have no effect on her. She can still be injured by them, though.

She's a weapons expert and combat specialist, she's highly skilled with all standard issue equipment as well as at least a long sword.


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