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Real Name



/co/lette, Evilette (what characters from the main /co/verse call her)


The Evilverse, parallels Ultimate /co/verse.






Mid twenties


Alternate universe Casey (sister)

The dark, alternate universe counterpart to /co/lette.

Just like how The Justice /co/mrades have evil alternate universe counterparts in the Justice /co/nquerors, so too does /co/lette, though it is unknown if they all exist in the same alternate universe.


Unlike /co/lette who is kind and caring, Evilette is cold and disciplined; she has had years to fully unlock all of her gauntlets' powers and use them to further her own agendas. She used to be just like /co/lette, personality wise, until the death of her universe's /co/nrad, this is what drove her over the edge to create an orderly society where these kinds of cliches don't happen anymore. She's not particularly evil though, just vicious and puts up a front to instil fear in lower level criminals and wannabe-heroes.

Her attempts at seizing territory from her neighbor, Mighty Goliath, might have contributed to what prompted the creation of Lovely Ladybug Prime, just to give her one more powerful foe to clash with.


She started out almost exactly like /co/lette, however the events of their lives were not completely parallel as Evilette's sister enjoyed girly things instead of being a tomboy like /co/lette's sister from the non-evil /co/verse. This did not deter evilverse /co/lette from joining the Junior League of superheroes where she got to work with her universe's /co/nrad, whom she idolized.

At some point an elder god was summoned into her universe (by cultists or something) and her /co/nrad ended up dying in the fight along with an unspecified number of other heroes. These events threw the power balance of the world into chaos and caused it to be divided up into territories controlled by super individuals, Evilette managed to seize control of her own territory after defeating the attacking elder god.

She entered into a cold war type situation with other territory holders, each trying to steal from the other. She earned a reputation for ruthlessly expanding her own territory during this time.

Years later, the non-evil universe versions of /co/nrad and /co/lette would find their way into Evilette's universe while fighting an alternate dimension version of the elder god Evilette had previously defeated.


Colette evil 1341737213229

Evilette's gauntlets

Her gauntlets may differ in appearance to /co/lette's, but they provide her with the same abilities, however, she has optimized hers to the point where she has full control over all the powers they can provide. She may have gotten her gauntlets a few years earlier than her counterpart did.

She has her own corporation which she uses to control her territory and keep tabs on her city's various activities.


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