Faggot Tree
Fagging it up

Real Name



Faggot Tree


Sageworthy Society




Male (if trees even have genders)

Sageworthy Trait

Being an annoying jackass, a.k.a. a faggot

A core member of the Sageworthy Society. Kill it with fire.


Nothing is known about his existence prior to being recruited to the Sageworthy Society, he could've been a normal tree/guy at one point, or maybe he was always like this. As a tree, he doesn't actually have a gender and just acts super flamboyant either because it amuses him to watch the homophobic froth at the mouth, or because he might actually be like that. No one really knows, no one really wants to get close enough to find out.


Faggot Tree possesses magical abilities. He can summon gaybows (gay rainbows) and fag up everyone and everything. He also has many enchantments such as casting bad luck on his enemies, or causing them to turn on each other. If given enough time, he can grow into a large forest taking the form of a massive parent tree in the middle, a perfect hiding place for the Sageworthy Society Headquarters.

He may also be able to spread mind controlling pollen/spores and have a number of plaid clad lumberjacks at his beck-and-call.


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