Family portrait

"How about a teenage superhero, who's parents are both supervillains and he does the whole hero act as a way of rebelling against his parents?"

The name right now is tentative.

The FamilyEdit

  • The Son - "Sunny Boy" has magical fire abilities which he inherited from his parents. He learned how to control them in such a way that it looks like he has light based abilities, this is so his parents won't recognize him while he's doing his superhero thing. He's also able to fly, shoot heat beams out of his body, and glow.
  • The Dad - "Daddy Crime Boss of the McFathers Family" comes from a long line of mafia families and might've been in a band with Riggs Hagar before settling into the family business. He became a demon/flaming skull man so he could marry his demon/succubus wife and she wouldn't need to worry about accidentally consuming his soul.
  • The Mom - "Mommy Dearest, Third Daughter of the Mother of Monsters" where every spawn of the Mother of Monsters has a mom themed name. She uses hypnotic demon charm magic which is curiously ineffective on Sunny Boy. She met McFathers when she was a groupie for his old band.


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