The process


Rinse and repeat

A term used to describe any character (male, female, robot, animal, some kind of mix, other) suddenly experiencing an upswing in popularity on /co/. It is usually marked by a large increase of fanart and threads dedicated to whichever character is the focus. Originally the upsurge in popularity usually only lasted about a month until interest in the character waned and something else caught on. This sort of thing has been going on since 2007.

Unfortunately, some started to take the term literally during 2013 and then began to try and force "flavors of the month" every month instead of letting the attention shift naturally. This has lead to arguments over who the current flavor is and backlash in general.

Notable FlavorsEdit

Sometimes a FotM doesn't go away after their 15 minutes of fame expires; they linger, collecting more fanart even years after they first became suddenly popular, others get absorbed into other projects, and some just take on a life of their own. Ones that actually have pages on this wiki are:

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