General Freedom
General Freedom in and out of crime fighting attire

Real Name

John Doe


General Freedom


Justice Coalition






Liberty Lass (adopted daughter)

A founding member and leader of the Justice Coalition.

There's a comic of him when he was younger, read it here.


The age of international men of mystery ended with the second World War. The people wanted a champion, one who wouldn't fade into the shadows when the job was done... and they got their wish in General Freedom! Stronger than an entire platoon, flying faster than any fighter jet, tougher than the heaviest tank, the Star-Spangled Sentry championed truth, justice and fellowship for all men! His incredible abilities were many- from his deafening Eagle's Cry to his brilliant Firecracker blasts to his uncompromising will, he proved an insurmountable obstacle to those who would do America harm! Other countries fretted over the USA's new superweapon, but they needn't have- the good General lived by one simple ideal: when a man has the power to save lives, it's his duty to try.

That quest for peace would lead him to seek out Mighty Mantis and Skathi, the so-called Last Goddess, and together they founded the Justice Coalition to stand against the evil lurking in the dark corners of the world. Fifty years later, he's still running the show- a bit worn around the edges, but still holding firm to his beliefs. And though the public may believe his ways are quaint relics of a time gone by, General Freedom stands fast: when the world needs him, he will always be there to do his duty.


  • Invulnerability
  • Bullet projection
  • Enhanced strength
  • Flight
  • Sonic scream (used as a battle cry)

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