Golden Girl

Real Name

Audrey Page


Golden Girl, Golden Guardian (Future)


Sidekick to the Silver Queen






Young Teenager

Created on June 28th, 2015 during a thread talking about how Stephanie Brown (Robin)'s boobs were the size of her head. An anon said they wanted to see a sidekick whose boobs were too big to do her job. From there it went into discussing classic golden age super heroes who had fallen into the public domain, and then finally arriving at the creation of a new character, Audrey Page/Golden Girl, the classic kid sidekick that puberty hit like a truck. It ended up having a second, third, and fourth threads.

She's the star of The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl.


Audrey Page was a normal girl growing up in Platinum City. Her father was famed war hero and ace pilot "Black" Jack Page. Having lost her mother at a young age, she grew up a tomboy, learning to work on engines and how to scrap with the best of the boys! But tragedy struck when her father was killed in a terrible crash during an air race. Happening to overhear some suspicious men who had wandered into her father's hanger/garage, she discovered that her father had been murdered by some local mobsters for refusing to cooperate with their match fixing scheme!

After narrowly escaping the racketeers that killed her old man, Audrey wandered, too scared to go home. She eventually fell in with a traveling carnival when she helped the wife of the manager catch a pickpocket. Audrey took to the traveling life with gusto. She even learned tumbling and some acrobatics from some of the side performers.

When her new life was threatened by more mobsters who were putting the squeeze on her new family, she knew she had to act! Sneaking around she managed to track the crooks to their hide out. Not really knowing what to do she got closer to hear their plans but, being a novice, got caught. She put up a tremendous fight but it wasn't enough. Just when it seemed like lights out, a luminous figure crashed through the window: the heroine Silver Queen! Handily dispatching the thugs, the crime-fighter freed the young girl.

Wary that the associates of these criminal fiends would come after the circus folk now that they knew they harbored someone who knew the details of their crimes, Silver Queen adopted Audrey to protect her and her friends.

After some initial awkwardness as the glamorous socialite/nocturnal crime fighter and the orphan circus brat got familiar with each other, Silver Queen had an inspired idea. Impressed with Audrey's fighting spirit and skills, she invited her to join in the never-ending fight to rid their city of corruption and crime! Inspired by her fathers gold medal for heroism in the war and her new mentors namesake metal, Audrey took on the name Golden Girl! Golden Girl proves invaluable with her mechanical know how and her ability to pilot their custom helicopter the Silver-Swan (name subject to change) and their modified plane: the Gold Eagle.

Audrey's life was really polishing up nicely until puberty arrived. Now, aside from all the usual self image problems, Audrey needs to relearn all her crime fighting acrobatics to compensate for her new center of gravity.

But justice is never easy and a little hormonal imbalance isn't going to stop Silver Queen and Golden Girl from bringing justice to the citizens of Platinum City!