Apathy HQ

A lantern corps. styled in /co/'s own image...



A variation on the oath

"In early day or late at night

It's not my problem, I'll be alright

No cause you name is worth the fight

But if I'm bored, then yeah, I might"


Originally coined as the white lantern corps., but changed to grey when white lanterns actually became a thing. They were founded by the Grey Guardian who was kicked off of Oa by the other Guardians of the Universe for failing to show up to work too many times and because they generally disliked his inability to give a fuck about anything. So he decided to make his own corps., until he realized that was too much effort and gave up half way through; this half-asses attempt was the perfect catalyst to create the Grey Lantern Power Battery and kick start the automated ring-bearer search protocol that comes pre-programed with all power ring designs.



A Grey Lantern recharges his ring

The Grey Lantern Corps. are powered by Apathy, it is unknown if the ring instills apathy in its bearer or if it is fueled by its bearer's inability to give a fuck. It can be assumed it grants protection form the void of space, allows the creation of hard light constructs, flight, and functions as a universal translation device like other power rings, but no current members have ever bothered to figure out how to make the power ring work, they just don't care. It is unknown what the specialized power of the corps. is, it could be to absorb apathy from others so those around them become more motivated to fight for themselves in times of crisis, or it could just make everyone around them give zero fucks. Again, no one has figured it out yet and everyone who tries falls victim to the grey light of apathy. The source of the grey light comes from Space Sloth, the Apathy Entity.

Space Sloth, in all its non-fuck giving indifference.

Curiously, and only on exceedingly rare occasions, a Grey Lantern might actually do something. The only known members who have actually done stuff of their own violation are Ruby Spears Protoman (due to his advanced anti-fuck giving circuitry), and Kosh, who used his grey ring to rescue Hope Corgi during the asshole executive incident.


Anyone can join, or not, they don't really care. Members are usually characters from other pre-established settings who just don't care. Or parodies.

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