Gun Fist
Gun Fist in super and home wear

Real Name

Valeria González


Gun Fist









Created during a June 2013 drawthread when an anon requested "Draw a character named Gun Fist".


Valeria González was an unassuming single mother working as an elementary school teacher in northern Mexico. When her desperate attempt to illegally enter the US for a chance to provide for her son is violently disrupted by border patrols, she is left maimed and broken on the desert to die. Found by a crazy, tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist hermit who turns out to be a former scientist in DARPA, he saves her life by bonding her with an alien suit that enables her to walk and transform her body to a superhuman level of physicality. As the cherry on the pie though, he also grafts his masterpiece to her missing arm: A mechanical device that can modify any material and turn it into ammunition and fire it from her knuckles. When said scientist disappears under mysterious circumstances and the world is suddenly threatened by an alien invasion, Valeria must risk everything to get to her son whilst fighting back the invaders and give them a taste of their own weaponry.

Might've met or sought out Betty Volare for answers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The alien suit enables her to walk, and increases physical capabilities to superhuman levels. The mechanical replacement for her arm can modify any material, turning it into ammunition which can be fired from the knuckles.

The drawback of the suit is that she has to rest and eat A LOT to recharge it.

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