Real Name

Mace Pike




Justice Coalition








Beth (wife) Spearhead (father-in-law), Diving Belle (daughter)

Spearhead's sidekick and later successor.


When Harpoonist was a young lad he had nothing, no family, not even a place to sleep at night, until one day when a mad scientist abducted him off of the streets so he could be a test subject for his experiments. Some time later he was rescued by Spearhead who, fearing the trauma of the mad man's science would lead the boy down the path to villainy, took him in and raised him like a son.

Initially, Spearhead and Harpoonist did not get along, Spearhead felt the boy was too reliant on his powers and worried for his safety while Harpoonist reveled in his new found gifts and looked for any opportunity to use them. Though after several fights, close calls, and foiling of villainous plots together, they formed a close father-son like bond.

Years later Harpoonist becomes a full fledged hero in his own right, even joining the Justice Coalition as a regular member alongside his mentor, but still maintains close ties with the Pike family, eventually marrying Beth Pike, Spearhead's daughter, and having a daughter of his own with her: Diving Belle.

After a fierce battle with a deep one, he went missing and was presumed dead, but no body was ever found and Diving Belle continues to search for him.


Harpoonist gained hydrokinesis, the ability to manipulate and control water, as a result of the mad scientists' experiments. He primarily uses these powers to:

  • Create weapons out of water
  • Create distractions
  • Separate oxygen from water while submerged so he doesn't need diving equipment

His daughter inherited his powers, but they were much weaker.


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