Highwayman (7)

Real Name











Mid twenties

A gentleman thief created in this Nov 2013 thread.


He grew up in a shitty part of town with his parents and sister. Eventually he had to drop out of school and start working at a local factory in order to pay for his mother's medical bills because his father's intense alcoholism who blew all his money on booze and gambling. He wasn't making enough money at the factory, so he started thieving on the side. As he got older, he got better at sneaking and parkour and such. His dad mysteriously disappeared which left the care of his mother and sister all on him. 

He had a love of acting for a while and acted at a local theater in his spare time. He had a minor part in a play about a dashing Highwayman back in old England. He secretly wanted to be the main character, the Highwayman, so one night he stays back late and tries on the costume while practicing his lines. As he's doing this, he hears an alarm go off in a store next to the theater. After rushing over in costume he finds three guys holding up this old lady's store. He gets the drop on them and knocks them out, then steals all their cash. From then on he goes around in his costume stealing and attempting to seduce super heroines. 

At some point he caught the attention of someone who, taken by his brazen antics, designed a pair of high-tech pistols resembling flintlocks.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A lifetime of thieving to make ends meet has gifted him with a repertoire of useful skills. Years of parkour and sneaking have made him extremely quick and agile. His theatrical training allows him to seamlessly slip into and out of his Highwayman persona. His flintlocks are capable of firing nests, a grappling hooks, darts and other useful tools.


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