The dysfunctional family

The scenario is how the dysfunctional lantern family spends the holidays together. You take a template, slap some text on it that the character would say, then post it. Not to be confused with Murder Burger, a different alternate lantern setting.


Holiday Lanterns are, for lack of a better term, a meme originating on /co/ during Thanksgiving of 2009. The original thread was popular enough to have a continuation and then be replicated again during the following Christmas with another continuation until expanding to just about every notable holiday.


The personalities of the characters are primarily either over-exaggerations of the comic characters they are based on, or the emotion their ring represents ramped way up.

  • Atrocitus - He always finds something to be angry about.
  • Larfleeze - Is still Larfleeze. He wants more than what he has and takes other people's stuff. Doesn't like sharing.
  • Sinestro - He makes offhand comments that make you paranoid and afraid. Also has a weird obsession with making things damp if anyone has a really good counter to his fear (i.e. damp socks for Christmas)
  • Hal - He makes other people go along with his plans, because his willpower makes it so. Also very competitive.
  • Guy - The asshole uncle who pulls pranks.
  • Kyle - His existence is suffering and to be the butt of every refrigerator joke.
  • Walker - Forever optimistic and always finds the bright side.
  • Indigo-1 - She's like that mom that always makes you share.
  • Carol - She's the MILF aunt that makes passes at the younger party guests.
  • Black Hand - He sees everything as an opportunity for someone to die.

In later years, new additions were added to the cast.

  • Razer - He's that emo teen that hates everyone and all traditions; he won't do anything nice without explaining why he doesn't care.
  • Dex-Starr - Evil cat that hates everyone.
  • GLTAS Kilowog and Hal - The overly proud parents who always show off how much better their kid is than yours.
  • Aya - A naive newcomer. Later becomes obsessed with how illogical organics are while going through her goth phase. Then comes out of that and goes back to normal.
  • Soranik Natu - The embarrassed daughter of Sinestro who is still treated like a kid despite having her own life.
  • Alan Scott - That asshole old person who makes really inappropriate comments because 'they're just from a different time'.
  • Earth-2 Alan Scott - The gay brother/cousin who always wants to bring his partner to dinner.
  • GLTAS Carol - The perfect girlfriend.
  • Hope Corgi - He's a dog, he likes hugs.
  • Grey Lantern Corps. - They're not even trying to be in on this.


Someone's always asking for them. In every thread. Ever.

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