Hope Corgi

Real Name



Hope Corgi


Blue Lantern Corps.


Good Boy


Male (presumably)

Came into existence sometime during or before 2009; has gained notable popularity outside of /co/ as of 2012.

The shining blue star of hope to guide you out of your darkest hour, the blue lantern dog wonder.


"So, what are you exactly?"
"Corgis are a British bread."
"I think you mean breed."
"I'm delicious!"

Sometimes he's /co/nrad's pet, other times he can be found in various times and locations throughout the /co/verse, even if his appearance in these alternate settings doesn't make any sense.

Just about everyone who meets Hope Corgi remembers a pet they had and begin calling him by that pet's name. Wherever he goes, he accumulates more and more cute pet names, recording them on his tag that never seems to run out of space.

On the back of the tag, instead of an address, there's an inscription that reads "If found, you're not alone anymore."


Aside from the standard blue lanterns powers, Hope Corgi can appear wherever he is needed (for hugs) in any setting.

He sometimes fights crime with Rex the wonder Dog (green lantern).


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