Real Name

Inva Raleadra




The Pineapple Cake


Good... or at least Neutral





First mentioned during March 1st, 2014 during discussion of new characters for the /co/smic /co/verse setting. She's a blue space elf because EVERY space setting has blue space elves for some reason. The ones in the /co/smic /co/verse setting are being called "Azalfi" or "Bluspalven" if you feel like insulting them.


Has a "try anything once" mentality which has caused her grief sometimes with Cookie's more experimental dishes. She's usually more of a thrill seeker, looking for anything that can give her a rush, but this might be to disguise her research into finding out what caused the old Azalfi space empire to collapse. Every new place she goes, she'll try and find any records of dealings with the old empire.


Inva was born on a colony world. She had an interest in science and history, but there always seemed to be something getting in the way of her pursuing her interests. When it came time for her to decide what career path she wanted to take and it became clear that no one was ever going to understand why she felt something felt wrong, she went innawoods to escape from them where she found some old bunker she read about in a half deleted history file.

She spent a year in the woods learning about survival and how to be "hardcore" from the hologram in the bunker before making her way back to the only major city on the planet. She then forced her way onto a supply shuttle to get off the planet and started her own space adventures.

Eventually she found herself stuck on a human colony world and developed a strong interest in the different types of firearms they had. It wasn't until Cookie and Kay-2 came along on that she was able to get off the planet and started traveling with them since humans seemed to be the type of "hardcore" she was going for and these humans were the space exploring kind.

She serves as The Pineapple Cake's gunner whenever there's actually a need for that kind of thing.

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