A cute, young girl, JPG wants nothing more than to be a hero. Instead she gets devoured alive by a soul-snatching monster in front of /co/'s horrified eyes. Now her sister PNG tries to retrieve her soul by going straight into the monster's realm, a post-apocalyptic wasteland riddled with monsters and even stranger beings, with the intention to kill it. Accompanying her is her mildly crazy robot buddy, Beta and his magical shovel.

A /co/-only horror/adventure themed quest that is currently forever on a hiatus. The first four threads can be found here.


  • JPG - A cute innocent girl that loves superhero's.One of her friend was Stan, who was killed by "E" and used his appearance to get close enough to JPG to take her soul. She is the sister of PNG.
  • PNG - The Big sister of JPG, is the Main character of this story.She found out that "E" had taken her sister's soul and with the help of Beta she seeks to get it back.
  • Beta
    Tumblr m66z1hSpXN1rxow8bo1 400

    Beta, in all his glory.

    - He is a Crazy Robot with a cool magical Shovel. He and his father,Pop, work at a detective agency for paranormal cases and occurrences and are trying to help PNG get her sister's soul back and slay "E".He knows the void well enough to navigate it and warn PNG about all the possible dangers. He has a faulty arm that keeps falling of but other wise he is ok. He has a younger brother called Alpha.
  • "E" - The Demon that has taken JPG's soul. "E" eats an image up, and swallows its soul. After that, he can take on the form of the image and its mannerisms, except for maybe a few details. The soul of the image is still intact within "E" until "E" finds a new victim and swallows the soul of the new victim. To lure an image into it's final trap, "E" often uses mind control to give them a hallucination."