Even he's not sure what his hero name is supposed to be

Real Name



Jellybro (?)


Justice Coalition






Early/mid 20s

Created during a series of threads in August, 2013, that eventually evolved into the aquatic branch of the Justice Coalition. There's still some confusion over what his name is supposed to be.


Originally from Florida, he was just swimming in the ocean when a RADIOACTIVE jellyfish got him, since then he has just been chilling in the ocean and getting into trouble until Spearhead found him in a daze and brought him back to shore to get medical attention. By the time Spearhead got back, Jellybro had more of his wits about him and meets Diving Belle, Caliber, and Reef. He had already met Leviathan while waiting and sort of bonded with her over both being some kind of sea creature hybrids on dry land and their mutual respect/admiration of Spearhead (though for very different reasons). Together they form the Aqua Coalition (of Super Friends).


He's kind of like he's stoned all the time, like he's in a weird daze, as a side effect of his now partially jellyfish body. Whenever he snaps out of it he tries to make up for all the time he wasted in that daze all at once by answering questions, picking up conversations where they left off (even if it was hours ago), or stinging the hell out of Reef for insulting him earlier.


If he's in the water then he ends up more jellyfish than human after a while; if he's on land and at human hydration levels, he's more like a human with jellyfish powers. He's able to breath water, create neurotoxins of different types, sting things, and has at least some regenerative powers. He's also completely immune to the power of the Bloom.

If he wears a dry suit or wet suit in the water then he maintains his shape better.


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