Jetpack Viking

Real Name

Val Yeager


Jetpack Viking


The Justice /co/mrades





Originally created for an early take on a 4chan League of superheroes, he was popular enough to be remembered.

Jetpack Viking is one of the founding members of The Justice /co/mrades, along with Manny Quinn and Nicky Two-Vests. Being one of the few heroes with flight, he is a valuable part of the team.


Back in the (insert most recent war here), Val Yeager, a top-notch dog-fighter, was shot down over enemy territory. His plane was broken in the crash, along with his legs. The enemy's ground forces were closing in on him. His only option was to hobble as fast as possible into a nearby cave. Inside, a well-worn backpack, covered in mud and grim, was attached to a torso-shaped rock. Curious as to why anyone would put a salvageable backpack in a cave, Val approached it. As he neared, he could hear the approach of enemy tanks. A strange urge overtook him, forcing him to put on the backpack. As he did, words of golden light appeared on the straps:

"Whosoever wears this jetpack, if he be worthy, shall possess the might of Daroth."

Instantly, Val was transformed into the Jetpack Viking, master of the Uru Rockets. Flying from the cave, he fired the Rockets at the awaiting tanks. Upon contact, they plowed through the thick metal. As they emerged on the opposite sides, the tanks were reduced to a fine powder by a massive explosion. The winds picked up, and molten slag fell from the heavens upon the screaming soldiers. The tide was turning to America.


Jetpack Viking is protected by a suit of Uru, one of the strongest metals, and the various enchantments it possesses. As such, he is difficult to damage physically or magically, but these are both still possible by sufficiently determined foes. The Uru Rockets adorned to his jetpack, Ezamaw, can be fired. They are enchanted to never miss, and to return after hitting. Anything they burrow through explodes. Finally, he has super-strength and the power to grow a full beard in less than ten minutes.