Jhonny Volt

Real name



Jhonny Volt









One of Motion's rogues.


A thief by trade, he took a high paying job to sabotage a science lab but set off the alarm, alerting Motion who pursued to apprehend him. The chase through the lab ended with him crashing into a tank of liquid and then being electrocuted. Motion flees when the paramedics arrive who try and jolt the thief’s heart back into sinus rhythm which charges him and shocks the paramedics when they try to check his pulse. He escapes and seeks to use his powers for profit.


He sees what he does as a job; theft, corporate sabotage, and heists are his way of paying the bills. He bares no grudge against Motion and is actually thankful towards her for his powers and only fights her when she is determined to stop him.


Surprisingly nice and cheery, he has a sense of honor and refuses to hurt innocent people or to kill when he can help it. He makes quips and sarcastic remarks and is the kind of person who’d break into a store, steal from the register, take a soda from the cooler and leave the money for the drink on the counter. He'd consider being a hero if there was money in it.


His body produces a small electric charge at all times, enough to cause powerful static cling, small magnetic fields, an enough to taser somebody. However, his body is capable of conducting vast amounts of electricity which allows him to grab a live source of electricity and use it as a weapon. When he has access to a large power supply, he is able to fire lightning from his fingertips and create magnetic fields strong enough to move large objects. He also has enhanced reflexes due to the electrical currents going through his nerves.


Without a power source he's a lightweight in a fight. Grounding or soaking him will prevent the use of his electrical powers.