Real Name





The Pineapple Cake








/co/lette (mother), Casey (aunt) Deelette (paradox sister)

So on June 6th of 2013 some rough, proto sketches of Amazing /co/ventures got posted and a girl listed as totally-not-Casey was featured in them.


She was first introduced to /co/ as "/co/lette's daughter from the future" in a series of drawings that were probably meant as a joke. However, it either didn't quite click that it was a joke (if it even was intended as such), or some anons liked the idea enough to roll with it.

Months later, Kid Cookie was put in a future setting where he was an adult and captain of his own spaceship with Kay-2 as his first cremate (it made sense since they're set in the future and she is from the future, only now the future is the present); the /co/smic /co/verse setting formed around them. Her continued adventures aboard The Pineapple Cake as she and Cookie explored space and unknown planets together only served to further cement her as her own character.

Cookie and her apparently go all the way back to being childhood friends, with Cookie being no more than 5 years older than her. She went through basic J/co/ training together with him.


She is extremely protective of the people she cares about, to the point of obsession sometimes. Her competency might stem from growing up on stories about her mom saving the world and her feeling like she has some sort of expectations to live up to.

Likes graphic designs and making new things for the holo emitters to project, might know a little of some kind of dance centric martial-art.


She owns a powersuit constructed based from the technology in her mother's gauntlets. It's not as powerful as them, but it's still enough to get her out of most messes. She claims she dresses the way she does so she can get in an out of it quickly.

She knows a small amount of magic, not even basic spells, just the concepts, which allows her to generate small amounts of electrical power. She usually arcs it between her fingers like a taser to show it off. She claims she learned this so her suit's batteries would never be completely without a charge.


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