King Spooky
King Spooky in half uniform

Real Name



King Spooky, formerly Sadsack


/co/ntainment, currently displaced







Created during April of 2013 when emphasis was placed on how 99% of the time any super science tech /co/ntainment gets blows up in their faces when they try to use it.


As a member of /co/ntainment, all personal information (time before joining, real name, date of birth, etc.) is kept secret since revealing any of them count as death flags in his line of work.

Formerly known as Sadsack, this agent volunteered to test an experimental prototype Plasma caster. When he tried to fire it, it vaporized his skin and muscles. Somehow his skeleton is still "alive". He now insists on being called King Spooky. IT squad wants to study him.

In an attempt to replicated the accident, IT-Squad's SCIENCE robot somehow accidentally ended up creating a skeleton made of living plasma: Red Laser Bones. King Spooky was not amused by this.

He is saddened by his lack of genitalia and now refuses to wear pants unless they finally give him an assignment so he can leave the compound.


King Spooky.

I'm not going to call you that.

Well, since you won't let me back out in the field, I'm not an agent.

That's not-

So you want to talk to me, you talk to King Spooky or you give me a god damned assignment.

We still require your presence for testing, you could be damaged, or destroyed if we-

If you're not going to give me an assignment, then cut the shit and tell me what you're here for.

Um, right, Doctor Sevens has requested that you... well...

That I?

That you, ah, revise your standard of attire in keeping with dress code regulations.

It's not like I've got anything to hide.

That's beside the point, I-

Hey, you know when people wear pants? When they're on assignment.

Every Día de Muertos, Skull King and the Bearded Skeleton bust King Spooky out of /co/ntainment HQ and go to Mexico.

Abilities and skillsEdit

His skeletal form has so far somehow remained alive and mobile, but he has yet to see what exactly he can do with it due to warnings about his bones getting broken and lack of information on how his body now functions.


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