Komrade Red
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Real Name



Komrade Red


Independent, formerly Russian government







Created a during a June 2013 thread.


"They called me Komrade once... Komrade Red...Favored Son of Mother Russia...

They still need my help. The world still needs my help. But for now...I must survive. There is nothing the world can put in my way that I can't knock down. Death hasn't stopped me before and I'll ensure it will never get the chance."

A cosmonaut sent up in space, but left to die there after mission control believes his capsule burnt up. He lives off of his rations for as long as he can, but he finally runs out and begins to go insane. Visiting aliens take pity on him and repair the damage all the solar radiation, starvation, and bone and muscular degeneration he suffered. However, their equipment wasn't meant to work on humans so the inside of his body is in constant mutational turmoil.

The aliens set his capsule to land in his home country and he's hailed as a hero of the people, and becomes a national symbol and propaganda icon. With the strange alien mutations and the latest in Cold War super-tech augmenting him, he fights injustice at home and abroad. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union, nobody wants Marxist symbols like him anymore. He tries his best to suppress the Russian mafia and the various crime syndicates that try to cannibalize the motherland, but it's a one-man war.

As he takes his fight into the eastern bloc the mutations begin to get harder and harder to control. Now he has to scavenge whatever technology he can to stay human.

He still believes he is the hero.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Radiation manipulation, flight, super strength, invulnerability, forced to wear his space suit constantly as his body is steadily mutating into something inhuman.


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