L & C
Laura and Carmilla
Laura (left), Carmilla (right)


Laura Zandt, Carmilla Kane




Unaligned/Rebellion forces




Both mid-late 20's

Members of the core group of characters from BreastQuest.


  • Carmilla - A former DFC soldier, she's board flat, tomboyish, forward and and specializes in more covert operations, being an infiltrator/commando for the DFC army with a preference for dual-wielded daggers, silenced pistols and CQC-style techniques. She's wild, defensive and compensates for her height and bust size. Though she's got her wild side, that means she's also passionate, with a wide list of hobbies and goals. She'll often enjoy the scenery and drinks in all that life has to offer.
  • Laura - A former resistance fighter, she's more subdued and reigns in Carmilla's boisterous nature. Far more tactical minded, and tends to be on the softer side of things. She is more passive and who takes the world as is rather than idealize it. A realist, intelligent, and is quick to defer to orders or logic. When she still worked for the rebels, she was a grenadier and saboteur who favored traps, tripwires and structural damage, rather than direct combat. A demolitions expert.

Despite originally starting on wildly opposing sides and meeting in combat it is after being forced to co-operate they realize the futility of fighting one another and become lovers, coming to compliment each other like Yin and Yang.

After this revelation the two decide to flee the war and travel to the fortified settlement of Los Lesbos, the city of women, where they open a bar named Pandora's box. It is here they live together in peace until a certain woman enters their bar leading to the events that catapult them back into action...

Gallery Edit

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